Kevin Donnellon.

Professional EOS Implementer™

Real. Simple. Results.

As a Professional EOS Implementer™, Kevin works alongside business owners who have made the decision and commitment to take their business to the next level. His “I’ve been in your shoes” experience adds leverage to the set of simple, practical EOS® tools that he will implement on the journey to help your company become more healthy and effective.

About EOS®

Practical & Proven for Growing Businesses

EOS® is used by thousands of small to medium businesses around the world to improve the key drivers of their success.Take the Organizational Checkup™ assess each component of your business, and get a clear, actionable roadmap for improvement.

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Our Aim after implementing EOS®

Goals & objectives based on all-round averages


EOS® Implementation & Understanding


Increased Business Control


Growth Rate


Team Productivity Increase
How We Implement EOS®

Discover the Power of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®

  • Align your entire team around your business vision
  • Improve discipline, accountability & traction within your business
  • Grow your business faster and  with more profitability
  • Work with Chicago-based, Professional EOS Implementer™, Kevin Donnellon