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Whether you have 10 or 250 employees, want to accelerate success or just feel like you’ve hit a ceiling, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® helps you get to the next level. EOS® is a proven system for success honed to perfection across thousands of companies. EOS® works because of its focus on improving the three key drivers of your success:


Vision is getting everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there.


Traction is instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout your company so that we achieve every part of your vision.


Healthy means eliminating politics and building a cohesive and functional team comfortable with calling out the elephants in the room.

About Our Clients

EOS® helps companies with 10 – 250 employees break through their growth ceilings and achieve extraordinary success. Thousands of companies across the industry have successfully implemented EOS® successfully. What unites them?

  • They want to grow and be their best
  • They realize that they don’t have all the answers
  • They are open to learning from an outside expert
  • They want to be accountable

Kevin discovered EOS® when he successfully implemented it in his own business, and he is now helping a multitude companies, across a variety of industries, implement EOS® in their businesses.

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We don’t just preach, we practice. All of our services are fully guaranteed: you only pay if it works, and there are no long-term contracts. If you’re located in Chicago and want to grow or expand your business, Kevin can help you implement EOS®.

Schedule a free, initial 90-minute meeting to teach you about EOS® and together, we can assess whether EOS® is right for your business.

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