Now more than ever, it’s critical for leaders to communicate effectively.

Jack Modzelewski, a highly-respected colleague and accomplished strategic communications expert and author of the new book Talk is Chief, believes that leaders can add substantial value to enterprise performance, marketplace advantage, and the loyalty of customers, workers, members and other constituents.

Leadership is invaluable in our current crisis. So is communications, credibility and accountability.

Jack says leaders can do this in the four ways described below. I recommend Entrepreneurial Operating System™ (EOS) tools that build on Jack’s advice:

  1. Communications provides the thematic skyway for people to visualize the pinnacle of performance. That’s why leaders must clearly tell people what they expect, congratulate them when they deliver on those expectations, and then tell them what they need to do next. In EOS, this is where the visioning tool (Vision Traction Organizer™ or VTO) is so powerful in supporting this skyway.
  2. Strong cultures can be extremely productive so long as their leadership continually leads them forward in both words and actions. That means constantly communicating new threats and opportunities, while reminding everyone what made them historically successful, if not dominant, in the past. The VTO is so valuable here too. So are Rocks™ – 90-day goals or priorities for the organization and the team. Resolving The 5 Dysfunctions of A Team will help get the leader and team aligned too.
  3. Leadership communication is the oxygen that breathes purpose, passion, and personalized meaning into the organization. It provides the “why us?” narrative, explaining why the organization exists and what makes its products, services, and standards superior to the rest. Jim Collins’ Good To Great’s Hedgehog Concept™ and the EOS Core Focus™ reflect this point. It’s all about hitting the organization’s “sweet spot.” What you do best and love is your sweet spot. It will take you farther just like it does with the sweet spot on a golf club, tennis racket or baseball bat.
  4. Leaders also may be in a better position to head off existential risks before they occur, through better vertical and lateral communication within their organizations. The EOS Meeting Pulse™ shows how to run more effective meeting, the EOS Scorecard™ and Rocks can guide communications and alignment throughout the organization

Jack also offers leadership and communications key insights and observations:

  1. Leadership communication today is a strategic management function. Twenty-first century leaders must embrace communication as an agenda enabler and as an important empowerment platform for others.
  2. The stakes in this new communication environment are high.
  3. Communication takes 50 to 90 percent of a modern leader’s day whether he or she recognizes it or not.
  4. Whenever leaders put words into action and actions into words, they put their personal reputations and those of the organization on the line. We live in an age when people expect their leaders to communicate clearly and transparently with them.
  5. Leadership is a shared responsibility.

How are you as small business owner or entrepreneur leading and communicating with accountability and credibility in this COVID-19 crisis.

Get your game on and get going!