Simon Sinek, author of the groundbreaking book Start With Why, offers some great perspective about the pandemic and its effect on business in the video – No Going Back to Normal.

He recommends having an “infinite mindset” which can provide a calm confidence. Those who embrace an infinite mindset can actually come out of hard times better. Sinek believes that — “The infinite-minded player understands that sometimes you have a better product and sometimes they do…There’s no such thing as being the best…because in the infinite game there’s no such thing as winning business. The goal is to outlast…outdo yourself.”

Simon offers these compelling points:

  1. There is no going back to normal. It will be back to abnormal.
  2. This is not the end; it is part of our journey.
  3. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Life will not be normal just like life wasn’t after World War II.
  5. And think of abnormal business changes in good times – the Internet, Uber, Apple and Netflix. They disrupted business operations and offers, transportation, communications and entertainment inside and outside home.
  6. To survive and grow, companies and their teams must be willing to adapt. Simon recognizes Dimo’s, a Chicago pizza maker now using hot ovens to mold protective masks and waiters becoming the food packaging and service team for a hot New York restaurant. Pizza delivery alone couldn’t support the business so they adapted. With no seated customers, there are no need for waiters, so they adapted.
  7. Sinek is right and I see it daily with clients and prospects, some of who are stymied and “paralyzed.” They are almost surrendering.

They will gain by:

  • Ignoring what you can’t control and focus on what you can control. You can’t control pandemic, but they can enhance their customer experience.
  • Acknowledging what is working and concentrating on that. Working from home actually more productive.
  • Being optimistic and also brutally honest. That’s the Stockdale Paradox.
  • Getting calm, confident and cleat about what they need to do to manage through this crisis and succeed over time.

EOS – Entrepreneurial Operating System has the perfect tool for this — the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO) .  The VTO is a simple, powerful and compelling tool.

The VTO is about clarifying what matters most and then focusing and mobilizing leaders and their teams to quickly and efficiently make that happen.

Simon is right on the mark. So what are you going to do to gain clartiy, calm and confidence now?

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