This content was originally posted by my esteemed EOS colleague Connie Chwan, Certified EOS Implementer™.

In this time of crisis, I recommend this Clarity Break tool to get yourself centered, reconnected, re-energized and recharged. I used this tool recently to continue helping my clients. connectors and prospects in this harrowing time.

Connie,  so graciously allowed me to re-post this. Thanks, Connie. This will describe the whats and hows of the Clarity Break.

What is a Clarity Break?

A clarity break is escaping from the office on a regular basis for a defined period to work on yourself and your business.

It’s free time to think, to brainstorm and to plan. It’s a time to review your progress, check on the status of your Rocks or VTO. It’s a time to look down on your business, see the moving parts and identify what’s working and what’s not.

A clarity break can take place in the middle of the woods in Wisconsin, in a coffee shop (during normal times) or on the deck of your home – anywhere but your office. Any environment that lets you have quiet, uninterrupted time will work.

What You’ll Accomplish During a Clarity Break

Turn off your cell phone and all electronics and go with the old school paper and pencil. Give yourself time to think and let your mind go where it wants. Write down your plans and ideas. You will be amazed at the thoughts that come to you.

A clarity break allows you to see what you normally would not see. It lets you push a reset button, re-energizing and recharging you for what you need to accomplish going forward.

How Often To Schedule a Clarity Break

Clarity breaks should be scheduled as often as you need them, when they are consistent. Many clients schedule them weekly; others schedule them for a short time daily. If once a week is too much for you, I recommend you schedule a clarity break at least monthly. It will be well worth the time you take away from your daily responsibilities, and you’ll end up accomplishing more in the long run.

Taking a clarity break lets you clear your mind, keep your focus and maintain confidence. With the help of a clarity break, you’ll be more productive, and have a happier work-life balance.

You will reconnect, re-energize and recharge for your next opportunity and challenge in this 

Good luck. This works.